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LED Sign Panels

Backlit LED Illuminated Flat Panels are an important marketing tool as they significantly increase customer sales and the inclusion of LED technology makes them environmentally friendly. IMAGINiT Design provides light emitting diode (LED) light panels for all display signage requirements. Ultra slim lightweight panels with low power draw. Changing graphics is quick and easy. Available in frameless or snap frame styles. Please contact us for pricing and size availability.

Frame Style

Why Choose Backlit LED Illuminated Flat Panels?
• Power consumption savings over traditional fluorescent or incandescent bulbs approaching 80%
• Snap frames feature easy access to graphics change
• Ultra slim and light
• Two color temperatures in all our product categories
• Brightness above industry standards.
• LED is a very effective source of light, because it transfers the greatest amount of energy into visible light from all known technologies (fluorescent, incandescent)
• Efficiency of incandescent bulb equals 1.9%, fluorescent 6-9% whereas LED up 22%
• LEDs have an extremely long life span. One manufacturer has calculated the ETTF (Estimated Time To Failure) for their LEDs to be between 100,000 and 1,000,000 hours (it’s over 10 year’s non-stop). Fluorescent tubes typically are rated at about 25,000 hours (50% brightness), and incandescent light bulbs at less then 2,000 hours.
• LED Flat Light Panel is maintenance free for many years

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